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There are two main reputations in Fonline 3 being Wastelander and Raider


Gains on:

  • Take part in GM events: PvP, PvE, Turnbased
  • Killing players with high Raider Reputation
  • Finishing contracts quests

Lost on:

  • Killing players without Raider Reputation out of active control area(TC,BC,ZC,and Events)
  • Stealing
  • Killing neutral NPCs in public locations
Reputation Effect: Wastelander
1500+ Idolized
  • Green symbols near nickname
901 to 1499 Liked
  • Access to neutral caps traders (cathedral, Adytum train station, infinity mines, Junkyard, New Reno Stables)
  • -1 less damage per bullet
301 to 900 Accepted
  • Higher payment in caravans and contracts
  • +10% barter skill for item prices
  • Encounters by raiders groups
  • Cannibal drugs don't drop from your kills
-300 to 300 Neutral No effect : Neither liked nor hated.
-301 to -900 Antipathy
  • You gain Raider reputation faster
  • +10% skill for robbery calculation
  • Traders won't trade with you
  • 10% less exp gained
-901 to -1500 Hated
  • 1 less perception
  • 10 more HP
-1501 to -∞ Vilified
  • No change from 900


Gains on:

  • Killing players with high Wasteland reputation
  • Stealing
  • Selling slaves

Lost on:

  • Killing players without Wasteland Reputation out of active control area(TC,BC,ZC,Events)
  • Finishing contracts quests
  • Crafting
Reputation Effect: Raider
1500+ Idolized
  • Red symbols near nickname
901 to 1499 Liked
  • +5% party points
  • Your random encounters are always public on World map
301 to 900 Accepted
  • Access to raiders outposts
  • Slaves sell for higher prices
  • Encounters by bounty hunters groups
  • Guards are hostile towards you in neutral towns
-300 to 300 Neutral No effect : Neither liked nor hated.
-301 to -900 Antipathy
  • You gain Wasteland reputation faster
  • +10% skill for Outdoorsman calculation
  • High Raider Reputation Players deal 10% more damage to you
-901 to -1500 Hated
  • 1 less Endurance
  • +1 Action Point
  • 20% less world map speed
-1501 to -∞ Vilified
  • No change from 900

War Event Factions

Aside from the two main reputations of "Wastelander" and "Raider" there are the 5 War event/ Currency factions being:

  • The Enclave
  • The Brotherhood of Steel
  • NCR
  • Vault City
  • The Masters Army

Gains on:

  • Taking part in War events where you are fighting for the faction
  • Completing faction Contracts (just for members)
  • Donating currency to the faction

Lost on:

  • Killing players from faction out of active control area(TC,BC,ZC,Events)
  • Opening factions case when you are not in faction
  • Bad behavior in that faction (only for members)
  • Joining other lore factions
Reputation Effect: NCR, VC, BoS, Enclave, Master Army
1500+ Idolized
  • Unknown
901 to 1499 Liked
  • Something good maybe to fill in later
301 to 900 Accepted
  • Absolute
-300 to 300 Neutral No effect : Neither liked nor hated.
-301 to -900 Antipathy
-901 to -1500 Hated
  • trulyihavenoidea
-1501 to -∞ Vilified
  • No change from 900

Known positive effects of reputation:

  • Access to faction premium traders and bankers
  • Getting payouts (just for members)
  • faction keys and cases for sell
  • less starting caps on reno wars
  • longer base control timers
  • less chance to find faction patrol

Known negative effects of reputation:

  • faster other faction reputation gain
  • 5% more damage on war events against that faction
  • 10% more exp on other faction armors craft
  • faction players can kill you without losing any reputation
  • faction players see skull near your nickname
  • faction traders do not trade with you
  • lose 1(NCR[ST], VC[CH], BoS[INT], Enclave[LK], Master Army[AG])

New Reno Crime Families

Lastly there are 4 New Reno crime families that each have their own reputation being:

  • The Mordinos
  • The Bishops
  • The Wrights
  • The Salvatories

Gains on:

  • Participating in New Reno Wars (You get reputation on the family you played as in the event)

Lost on:

  • Leaving New Reno Wars results in a loss of 7 family reputation

Eventually you might be able to buy special weapons/ armors from these families dependent on your reputation but this isn't implemented yet

If you have good reputation with any of the families (One of them, doesn't have to be all of them) you can participate in the slot machine robot event that happens at the bishop's casino once in a while, each family uses a different currency but the prizes are the same (Implants, Rare Items and War perks), the cost to play is 10000 of the currency that the family is using at the moment when the event is happening.

Reputations Notes

  • Each reputation will have own its own positive and negative effects.You may want to have some reputations in the negative for some effects.
  • To check your reputation just go in your character open and check the Karma tab.
  • Contracts are a good way to increase/ decrease your reputation.
  • To Reset your Reputation: Go to the Cathedral of the Lost near San Francisco to reset your reputations. Entering the Catedral cost 10 caps,and the reset costs 5000 caps.