Respawn Point

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When a character suffers Death, he should soon be glad to know it was only near-death, as he revives at a respawn point. The fact that someone found you nearly dead and otherwise lifeless on the ground somewhere but detected you still had some life in you and thus drug you to a medical tent somewhere in the wasteland should be great news to you!

So congratulations on your recovery! You can get back into the wasteland's harsh adventures and survive to tell your tales.

There are some NPCs at your respawn point and you can attempt dialogue with them. However, do NOT attempt combat with them, and do NOT attempt to Steal from them. In fact, do not try causing any trouble at all when you're at a respawn point. Causing trouble with NPCs or other player characters can get you into big trouble with the game staff, and your account(s) can be banned and/or your IP can be blocked.

It's best to leave the respawn point as soon as you can after reviving and get back into your adventures in the wasteland, so don't delay.

The only exception to this might be for doctors who like to hang out and heal people either for xp or to support their team mates during a big PvP battle. But otherwise, don't mess around much at respawn points. Many characters have been blocked due to abuses at respawn points. If you do find an exploit, you can report it to a GM and maybe even get a reward.

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