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Vault City's Train Station.

To expand their territory and influence, the New California Republic has begun to invest heavily in rebuilding pre-war rail infrastructure, since it is the most efficient way for them to traverse long distances across the desert. For the rebuilding of the rail lines, the NCR is using convicted criminals as the ghoul Mantis can tell you in the NCR Train Station, guarded by police like Bob Jr. In FOnline: Aftertimes, the only available train can be used to reach various areas in The World, without having to fear encounters of any kind of way.

Note: You can leave train at any point, in the same way you can leave regular group. Because it is a group led by conductor.

The Train

The train runs on a hybrid of steam engine and energy cells, while the main power is obtained out of micro fusion and small energy cells, because it's the easiest and most effective way. The steam engine isn't built into the train directly, but can be attached to it, in case the vehicle has to cross wide and less advanced areas.

Train Stations

On its way across the wasteland, the train stops at four stations. These are near San Francisco, Boneyard, NCR and Vault City but are not visible.

Boneyard Train Station, NCR Train Station, San Francisco Train Station, Vault City Train Station,

You will discover all four stations during or after one of train related quests.

Train Schedule

Vault City Train Station
03.00 - NCR
09.00 - NCR
15.00 - NCR
21.00 - NCR

NCR Train Station
2.00 - Vault City
4.00 - Boneyard
8.00 - Vault City
10.00 - Boneyard
14.00 - Vault City
16.00 - Boneyard
20.00 - Vault City
22.00 - Boneyard

Boneyard Train Station
01.00 - NCR
05.00 - San Francisco
07.00 - NCR
11.00 - San Francisco
13.00 - NCR
17.00 - San Francisco
19.00 - NCR
23.00 - San Francisco

San Francisco Train Station
00.00 - Boneyard
06.00 - Boneyard
12.00 - Boneyard
18.00 - Boneyard