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GM Events

These are all regular weekly events. Check out the discord's #events channel to find out when they are happening. What happens in and as a result of these events is primarily the result of past events and ingame player choices. Rewards are only best if players are successful, and lack of response even when many players are online can have severe consequences in itself.

Global Events

  • Official RP Events
    • There are often roleplay events happening involving both NPC factions and players on the server. Not all of these are scheduled or announced in advance, and many are only available to players currently in game as they happen. Most are on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday when there is generally maximum player volume, but this is not always the case. Much of the time a brief description of where to meet or what to do in order to be supportive is given at the top of the screen for players that wish to become more involved. If you do not fully understand what is happening, you are just like everyone else here. Don't be shy and not show up just because you don't know what's happening, but don't mess around with other players or the developers here either. Be silent and watch if you don't understand. Your choices can have grave consequences, but also large and interesting rewards, and it's probably in your best interest to take things seriously even if sometimes the spelling or grammar is a little off or you don't necessarily agree. Most factions will pay heavily just to have you fight for their side, but it is even better if you can help maintain organization within one, and if you can't stay in character and stand where you belong and follow orders at least enough to understand what's going on, don't expect to be tolerated for long. However, standing up for what you believe in is one of the main reasons we are all here. Either way, the wasteland is a harsh place. Not everyone deserves to make it to the end.
  • Trader Events
    • The equipment that is being sold is random from all possible. However, rarer items usually spawn eg. Vault-Tec Key, T4 Blueprint, purple T3.
  • Vault 13
    • This signifies the commencement of a raid on Vault 13, A PvP competitive dungeon for the mysterious loot that waits to be obtained. The door can only be opened with Vault 13 Keys, and is not guaranteed.
  • Sierra Army Depot
    • Someone broke into Sierra Army Depot. Similar to Vault 13 event. The howitzer can only be loaded with Howitzer Shells.
  • Renesco's Secret Shelter
  • Town Raid
    • A Public location/Town is being raided by groups of hostile creatures.
  • FLC Events
    • Temporarily disabled.
  • Broken Vehicle
    • Train, Hummer, Police car or Vertibird has broken down somewhere on World map. Fight a pack of guards to get some valuable loot.

Player Driven Events

If you want to host an interesting event yourself, submit it on discord's #player_driven_events channel. It is probable that there is a perfect place to do it, and other players will see it here and show up - especially if you can offer them something of interest.

The GMs are not available all the time, but they are the ones organizing the maps, rewards, factions, and other things present for all the official events. This is how most of the important things happen in the game's plot. You can see what KompreSor or Komisar Vinet or other players have posted to the Discord page, and also feel free to organize with others or ask any questions you might have there under #help-questions.