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GM Events

Those are weekly events. Check out the discord's #events channel to find out when do they happen.

Global Events

  • Trader Events
    • The equipment, that is being sold is random and items that can be stated. Although, only rare items spawns eg. Vault-Tec Key, T4 Blueprint.
  • Vault 13
    • The commencing on the raid of Vault 13, A PvP competitive dungeon for the mysterious loot that waits to be obtained.
  • Town Raid
    • A Public location/Town is being raided by groups of hostile creatures.
  • FLC Events
    • Temporarily disabled.
  • Sierra Army Depot
    • Someone broke into Sierra Army Depot. Similar to Vault 13 event.
  • Broken Vehicle
    • Train, Hummer, Police car or Vertibird has broken down somewhere on World map. Fight a pack of guards to get some valuable loot.

Player Driven Events

If you have any idea for an interesting event, submit it on discord's #player_driven_events channel.
You can count on GMs help in case of organising map, rewards and other things.