Water the Farmers

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Between Hub's main gate and the Market district, there is a farmer's area with fields on both sides of the street. Talk with the lead farmer standing near the Waterpipe to get this job. You have to fill your water bag at the pipe and go talk with a farmer in one of the fields. Then run back to the pipe to refill the water bag. Do this 10 times to water 10 farmers and tell the lead farmer when you're done.

NOTE: Some of the farmers are hard to spot in the fields until they move, but there are more than 10 in the area. Repeatable quest - 15 min cooldown

Some Glitchiness
When you dialogue with NPCs, sometimes they are "busy". Wait for them to move and reset, and usually they will talk with you. If not, go talk to a different one if you can, and try the busy one later. Some quests require dialogue with multiple NPCs and there are often not many NPCs available, so it can seem bugged if they are "busy", but they will eventually talk with you.