A Tent in the Wasteland

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A Tent in the Wasteland
Nfbrlpaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location In wasteland, usually near Hub
Requirements Level 2
Completion Kill all rats at farm, and inform family.
XP 1200
Caps 0
Reward Various tools
A Folded Tent
Other items
Repeatable No
Notes Usually near Hub, but not always. No cars. Farm is solo only.

This is a nice quest to help new characters get started. Once you reach level 2, look for a new, small location on your map near one of the starting locations. Go there and find a farming family living in a tent due to their farm being overrun by critters. Get the quest to help them and you'll be able to see their farm on the map too. Go there, kill the critters, find some starting items, and report back to the family at their tent.

WARNING: Both quest locations will disappear after a week, so don't try to settle there. (In fact the same applies for all instanced quest locations, though the time may vary).

NOTE: For now, you cannot bring a car into these quest locations. You can bring another player to the family tent, but you cannot enter the infested farm with another player.

NOTE: Evelyn's husband is Hasso, who seems a bit off his rocker, but might have an interesting item to sell. Their children are Sally and Eric, who might each have some items to barter.




If you do this quest at level 2, your hit Points will be really low. These rats can kill you. So one way to do this and survive more easily is to use the brahmin pen. Run up and grab that BB Gun. Run back down under the pen and pop the two rats inside. Then go inside the pen and close the gate behind you. From inside the pen, shoot the other two rats outside. Once the outside rats are dead, go behind the farmhouse and look inside through the windows. Press Q to enable your Line-of-Sight, and press A to target the rats inside. Shoot whichever rats you can find, in all three rooms. When that's done, go the farmhouse door, stop and let your Action Points recharge. Open the door to the farmhouse but stand still and recover those few AP from opening the door. Whatever rats are remaining will attack you there. You can stand there and fight, or let them chase you back to the brahmin pen. If you're fast, you can get inside and shut the gate before they block the door.


Digging the grave at the farm will earn you the Grave Digger karma perk.