Explore the Stranded Ship

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Explore the Stranded Ship
Nmbpeaaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location Klamath
Requirements Minimum Level 18
Solo cannot stop steam
Completion Return Metal Case to Meloy
XP 500
Caps 100-200
Reward Many items (see list)
Repeatable No
Notes You get more XP doing the quest than at completion

In Klamath, talk to Meloy, the trapper in Trapper Town. He will ask you to explore a mysterious ship and to return him some documents. This quest is known as The Stranded Rust, and the ship turns out to be the PMV Hellas Prairial, part of a fleet owned by Poseiden Oil. Go explore the ship, which is located on the coast, west of Klamath in zone 2:4, accomplish your task and return the Metal Case to Meloy to get your reward.

CAUTION: It is strongly advised to take this quest in RT mode. If you take this quest in TB mode, you can expect long delays between turns. This is because entering combat to fight some critters will also involve others critters which are beyond your Sight and which also do not attack you. Each one gets a turn but this takes a long time when they are not even visible.

NOTE: A boss robot was added to this quest and some loot was changed to random with bonuses, so not all of the following info is totally accurate. Explore it and see!

More Information

There are three different keys and many locked doors on the ship. If you do this quest with a group, each player needs to pay attention if they find a key. Getting through the doors is often a matter of "who has the key to this door?". There is a computer terminal at the left end of the main level. It can be used to disable the robots, which are part the ship's security system.

About the Valves and the Steam

To get into the loot room at the end of the quest, you have to turn off the steam that is blocking a short hallway. This is done by working the big red valves at the other end of the ship. Due to tight timing, this cannot be done solo; it takes one character at each valve to turn them at the same time, to shut down the steam, and only after Oil Cans are used to get the valves turning again. Since Oil Cans are so valuable (for repairing tier 4 gear), many players skip the end room and keep the Oil Cans.

Walk-Through Spoiler, by Franklin

Once you accept the quest, the location of the ship is visible on world map, it is located on the western shore from Klamath. Enter the ship and prepare yourself to fight several rats, there are many locked doors and also many unlocked. Lock-pick all the doors on the first floor,collect stuff and go upstairs. When you are there lock-pick every door that can be lock-picked, and loot key from skeleton in bathroom. The room with stairs blocked by box is probably of no use. Loot everything from this floor (there are the documents you need for completing the quest, 7000 caps and some other stuff). Return to the first floor and look for ladder in the same room with the stairs and use it to go the lower floor. There are some rooms blocked either by boxes or gas. Well don't worry, you get past that. Open doors with key and kill some floaters and centaurs, and don't forget to loot oil can from lockers inside walls. Once you have it return to the first floor and go the room with many computers and collapsed floor. Use rope on the collapsed floor, that will attach the rope to the hole so can use it to go to the basement. There is a big machine, repair it using Machine Parts you found earlier in the first floor (the room with the second robot) and use oil can on the big red valve. After the repair use the valve and leave for the first floor. In the room with the computers use the other valve, which together with the precious valve and the repaired machine will stop the leaking of the gas in the lowest floor. Well go to the lowest floor using the ladder, and go the room which was previously inaccessible because of the gas. There are crates in various stacks on the floor, open all of them using lock-pick and enjoy the loot ( Combat armor, Metal armor mk2, Sniper Rifle, Combat Shotgun, Bio Med Gel, Rad Away, Rad X )
Strategy Tip #1
The robots remain stationary for a few moments before they detect your presence, so you can use this to your advantage. To get the jump on the robots, do not approach their rooms until you're ready to rush in and attack. So for example, don't go to the door and stand there and talk about attacking them. Have your talk before you approach the door. Then run to the door, open it, rush in and hit the robot asap. Alternately, you can use the computer in the top room to disable the robots if you have sufficient Science skill.
Strategy Tip #2
Most players go on this quest to get a little monetary boost when caps are so short. You can bypass the most dangerous parts of this quest and do the fast version, and just get the caps without exploring the bottom level. This takes far less time and you only have to kill one of the robots and some rats.
Whats in the Boxes?
Each of these crates are protected by a lock. There is a 15 second cooldown before you can use lockpick again so make sure that you have enough time to open as many as you are planning to.

All this item are brand new (100%/100%).

1. Combat Armor
2. Nothing
3. Combat Shotgun + 21 Shotgun Shells
4. 4 Biogels
5. Sniper Rifle + 16 .223
6. 2x Explosive Rocket + 3x Rocket AP
7. Super sledge
8. Nothing
9. Nothing
10. Metal Armor MK II
11. 3 Biogels
12. 5 Biogels
13. Nothing
14. 2x Rad-x, 2x Rad Away



  • You can get this quest solo, without a party.
  • Turning off the steam requires an additional character.
  • The quest leader needs to be at least level 18.
  • Someone in the quest party needs high Repair Skill >100% to fix the machine and stop the steam leak.
  • Someone in the quest party needs high Lockpick Skill to open containers.


  • 100 caps at quest completion (200 if you have high Barter skill)
  • 500 xp
  • Items in Containers:
Spoiler Items in Containers Images
Count Item Name Image Description
1 The quest item, a Metal Case FO2 Ramirez Box, Closed.gif Something flapping inside.
1 Cheezy Poofs File:Cheezy1.gif A collectors item, found in a locker on the main level.
2 Television Dinners File:DINNER.gif A collectors item, found in a locker on the main level.
1 Part of a Rope File:Ropepart.png A collectors item, found in a crate on the main level.
1 Machine Parts FO2 Excavator Chip.gif A collectors item, found on the floor in a guarded room on the main level. Needed to fix the machine on the lower level.
2 Rope Rope.gif Found in the same room as the machine parts. Use one on the hole in the floor to climb down to fix the machine on the lower level.
1 Pass key (Red) 1547 PASSKEY1.gif Opens only one door, to a room with a robot guard on the main level.
1 Special key 1449 Special key.gif Found on the main level in the room with two lockers. This main key opens several doors in central hallways on multiple floors.
1 Special key 12125 Special key.gif Found in some bones on the upper level. Opens the door to the room with the quest item, the metal case.
1 Diamond Necklace Jewel.gif A collector's item, found in the same wall safe with the caps.
7000 caps Caps.gif Found in the main wall safe on the upper level.
1 Gold Watch File:Goldwatc.gif A collector's item, found in one of the lockers on the main level.
4 Radiation Meds Drg rad2.gifFile:Iv.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam.
1 Combat Armor Cbtarmor.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam.
1 Combat Shotgun Assshot.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam.
1 Combat Leather Jacket Spleathr.gif Found in one of the lockers on the main level.
4 Rockets Shell2.gif Rshell.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam.
1 Metal Armor Mark II Mtlarmr2.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam.
1 Sniper Rifle Sniper.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam.
6 Bio Med Gel Biomedgel.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam. Used in crafting some drugs.
1 Super Sledge Ssledge2.gif Found in one of the crates in the last room beyond the steam.
1 Super Tool Kit SuperToolKit.gif A high-quality Repair item, found in a wall safe on the lower level.
1 Wrench Wrench.gif A useful Repair item
1 Club Club.gif Found in one of the lockers on the main level.
3 Oil Cans File:Oil Can.png Valuable items when repairing rare things like PA. Found in a wall safe on the lower level.
1 Pocket Lint File:Pocket Lint.gif A collectors item, found in a wall safe on the lower level.
1 Beautiful Flower Flower.png A collectors item, found in a bookshelf in the main room with the quest item.