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The usual tent.

A tent is a small personal hideout that you can create in almost any random encounter map in the wasteland. Items stored inside the tent are safe, as long as you don't bring any other player there. Tents are "must have" for all characters for storing the most valued items.

Note: If a tent is ever deleted, all items left at the tent will be permanently lost, including vehicles.

How to Acquire a Tent

  • Get a Folded Tent kit, by crafting it, buying it, or as a reward for completing the tent quest.
  • Enter a random location on desert (the map should be empty with no NPCs at all).
  • Open inventory and use the Folded Tent. A message will be displayed, the screen goes dark for a moment, and the map will be turned into a tent map. If you have any followers with you, they will also gain access to that tent (need to be checked). Parked cars will also stay with you when you make a tent.
    • Make sure no one is with you in the encounter (enemies) (excluding own followers) or you won't be able to make the tent in such location.
  • If your character has ten tents already, one of them must be chosen for deletion when you attempt to build an eleventh tent, and you'll be prompted with a list of them by name only, not by coordinates. This is a good reason to name your tents as you build them rather than leave the default name, which is "Yet Another Tent". All items left at a tent will be lost when it is chosen for deletion. You can have only ten tents per character.
  • You can check your character's list of tents at any time by using the ~myinfo command. This shows tent names and map coordinates.

If your character has the Ranger perk, building a tent yields a Safe House with a workbench instead of a standard tent with a crate.

Forgetting Tent Location

One option for 'forgetting' a tent location is to click the Campfire there and choose to Abandon Tent, which yields back a folded tent on the ground. Grab that and use it again to rebuild a fresh tent location. Destroy the previous map, aka 'throw it in the fire' and make a new map for trusted characters. At this time there is no way to delete or forget a tent map location that was obtained by reading someone else's tent map, unless that player is willing to abandon his tent.

The Campfire

The small fire pit at any standard tent can be upgraded to a Campfire by using 3 Wood on the fire pit, which allows you to do some special things, including renaming your tent, and creating Tent Maps for sharing the tent's location.

Extra Information

Nobody can enter your tent unless they follow you (or follow anyone else who has access to your tent), so take care. People like to "tag" you and follow you, and if you're not cautious and don't look at who is in your party, you may introduce enemies into your tent. As long as nobody follows you to your private tent, then stuff stored inside is safe.

NOTE: If someone has "tagged" you and follows you into the wasteland, you can remove them from your party by holding your left click down on their player name and selecting the remove from party option.

Your tent has a crate container with limited storage space, but the tent map itself may contain an infinite amount of stuff, since you can store stuff on the ground. Gangs may use tents to store fighting gear or their fresh loot. If you add more Crates or Lockers you can place and sort your gear in them.

Items dropped outside a tent.

It is common practice to arrange large amounts of items in rows on the ground outside a tent. The tent has only one container which has limited space, and some tent owners prefer to keep the container free of clutter. Dropping items on the ground also provides a quick way of visualizing which items have been collected.


Not all tent maps look the same, and this is based on the type of encounter in which you build the tent. Some are common like the standard desert tent map, or the city ruins tent map. One less common tent map is found in a coastal encounter with water. Building your tent inside the tent quest location will make a unique tent map with that large tree.


  • Ten tents per character, each shareable with other characters by using Tent Maps.
  • Attempting to make more than ten tents will force you to choose which existing tent to delete.
  • When you choose to Forget Location, you are immediately thrown to worldmap and all items at that tent will be gone, including vehicles.
  • Each tent has only one small storage crate but additional containers can be added.
  • Tents are useful as personal hideouts, safe parking places, gear storage, and potentially as crafting locations.
  • There are a few rare places on the worldmap that do not allow tents to be built. The zone with Gordon's Gas Station is one example.