The Wasteland Band

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The Wasteland Band
Hmmaxxaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location Hub
Requirements IN 3
Completion Talk with Mick after each of 3 other band members
XP 2000
Caps 300-950
Reward Scout Handbook
Combat Leather Jacket
500 Caps (optional)
5 Cigarettes
Repeatable No

Mick in the Maltese Falcon in Hub (Market Place) offers you a job. To help him, you need to find each of the three wayward musicians and persuade them to re-join the band. The first one you will have to find is a guy named Ronnie in Junktown. Mick tells you that he's hanging around the Skum Pitt bar a lot. Actually you will find him near to the bar, often standing by the boxing ring outside. Speak to him and use the money you received from Mick earlier to persuade him to re-join the band. Return to Mick and he'll send you to find Charlie in San Francisco. (He's in the bar on the ship.) Go back to Mick again and he sends you to Gecko to find Keith. Convince Keith and then go tell Mick the good news to complete this quest.



  • 2000 xp in the end + 300 caps accumulated during the mission (or + 950 caps with 10 CH, 10 IN and 100% Speech)


(750 caps, 5 packs of cigarettes and 3 Stimpaks with 10 CH, 10 IN and 100% Speech)