Lifting caravan boxes

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How the job works, in the Hub.

Lifting caravan boxes is one of the repeatable jobs available in Fonline 3, which means it is a task you can perform to earn some money. A caravan master in a town will ask you to lift 10 boxes from one of his caravan carts. The task will take you a few minutes, then you will get paid 250 caps and 300 xp also some bonus to reputation from 0 to 10. The wage and experience points reward are the same in every town.


  • You can carry only one box at a time. The boxes are heavy, so a decent carry weight is needed, or else you will not be able to run, or even move, depending on how overweight you are.
  • Boxes have to be dropped in a specific area. Dropping them anywhere else will not count (and you get yelled at).
  • Wait a while after you complete this job and you can do it again.
  • Many people drop the boxes on the edge of the floor, which is wrong. You need to drop the boxes all the way inside the hut. The job man will yell (in red text) if someone is doing it wrong, but that is hard to see from inside the hut so pay attention.

Towns where the job is available