Advanced Power Armor

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Advanced Power Armor
This powered armor is composed of lightweight metal alloys, reinforced with ceramic castings at key points. The motion-assist servo-motors appear to be high quality models as well.
AC Bonus -10
Crit Chance -100
Crit Power -60
Damage type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
Normal 55 15
Laser 90 19
Fire 60 15
Plasma 90 20
Explode 50 10
Electrical 70 10
Weight 40823 grams
Base price 500000 caps
Number of Perk Name Exp cost
1st Iron Skin 15000
2nd Iron Skin 125000
3rd Iron Skin 200000
4th Player Choose from list 1250000
5th Random from list 6000000
6th Random from legendary list 50000000
Crafting table
Parmor2.gif x 1
Requirements Crafting: 200%
Resources 1 x T51b Shell.gif Advanced Shell
1 x Hiflo Pump.png HiFlo hydraulic systems
2 x Armor ceramic.gif Ceramic Plate
2 x Armor steel.gif Steel Plate
6 x Armor laser.gif Glass Polymers
2 x Armor polymer.gif Polymers
1x Bp apa.png Advanced Power Armor Blueprints
Tools T4 machinery.png
T4 Machinery
XP 7500

This is one of the best armors in the game.


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