Refined Uranium Ore

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Refined Uranium Ore
A chunk of Uranium Ore. This ore seems to have been processed somehow. It seems heavier.
Damage 4 - 9
Single AP: 4, Range: 8.
Single AP: 3, Range: 1.
Damage type Normal
Ammo None
Ammo capacity 0
Attack speed {{{Attack speed}}}
Strength required 8
Type Single-handed
Weight 2200 grams
Base price 150

The Refined Uranium Ore is a Uranium Ore refined in Broken Hills' Refinery.

Finding Refined Uranium Ore

The ghoul that will refine your Uranium Ore.

You firstly need to have an Unrefined Uranium Ore in your inventory (Bought from Zaius for 500 caps each). Once you got one, go to the south of Broken Hills and enter the Refinery, below the Caravans' office. Talk to the Glowing One there to refine your Uranium Ore, for 20 caps each.


Item that needs Refined Uranium Ore to be crafted :