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« Shit. Shit never changes. »

- sambol1.

Shit shoveling is a good way to earn easy xp at low levels (till about level 3, after that it becomes a drag) and good for getting some fast caps.

Introduction to Shit Shoveling

If you want to shovel Brahmin Shit all you have to do is go to the brahmin pens in any city and start using a shovel on the shit you see laying around. If you don't have a shovel you can ask the brahmin herdsman for one, they are usually around the brahmin pens.

With your shovel equipped in slot 1, simply click on some brahmin dung to shovel it. If you click your shovel in "USE ON" mode, be sure that your target cursor is yellow and not red. Don't pick up shit with your hands as you won't get paid for it!

For every pile of shit you shovel you'll get 24/level xp (rounded down) and a certain amount of caps depending on the town you shovel the shit in (see below).


  • Be sure not to block the gates by standing on the hex that the gate is on for more than a few seconds, or you will become unprotected.
  • If you are low level be sure to stay in NCR, The Hub or Junktown, as these are safe towns where you won't get killed by a random player-killers. Otherwise, shit-cleaners are easily shot when they finish their cleaning work and receive their caps...
  • If you only shovel shit in NCR or The Hub till you reach level 5 you'll have around 6k caps when you are done. This is very useful for buying your first gun, armour or profession, or even your very first base...
  • You're better off shoveling shit in The Hub or NCR. Pens are numerous in those cities, and they are safe. Plus, you get paid twice as much as in other towns.

Location of Brahmin Pens

The NCR brahmin pens and herdsman.

There are brahmin pens in a lot of towns. Here is a list of their locations :

  • NCR, in the outer part of the town, in the western city side. Speak with Jester.
  • NCR Train Station (you can only see the Train Station after you complete a certain quest). The train station is not crowded, so you should be left alone there.
  • The Hub, near the city's main entrance. Speak first with Cleve at the other pens down the street.
  • Junktown, in the town. There are two sets of pens and two Herdsmen, one to the left of the clinic, and one right from the General Store (Darkwater's).
  • Redding, near the South Side entrance, to the west.
  • Modoc, near the slaughterhouse.
  • Klamath, near the city's main entrance.
  • Vault City, in the outer part of the city, above the slave pen, below the Happy Harry shop.
  • Gecko, in the middle of the city.
  • Broken Hills, at the south of the city's main entrance.
  • San Francisco, to the west of the main street.
  • Gunrunners in the Boneyard area has a brahmin pen, but you don't get paid to work there.


  • For each pile shoveled, you get 24/level xp (rounded down).
  • For each pile shoveled, you get a certain amount of caps:
    • In NCR and The Hub: 10 caps
    • In any other town: 5 caps

Talk to the brahmin herdsman after having cleaned some shit to receive your pay.