A Man's Job

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A Man's Job
Hmlthraa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location Boneyard Library
Requirements Charisma >4 to protect target
Completion Kill target, or protect target
XP 8000
Caps 3k (kill target not as a Slaver), or
6k (kill target as Slaver)
Reward 14mm Pistol (conditional)
Scout Handbook (conditional)
Repeatable No
Notes If you choose to protect the target, you must lie to Hammilton to complete this quest.

Talk to Hammilton in the Boneyard Library and he will ask you to track down and kill one of his workers who has left. He will also show you the location of the nearby Boneyard train station. You must go there and ask four people about the missing man. The fourth person will point you toward the next train station. Go there and ask four more people and you'll find that the missing person boarded the train to NCR. Follow your leads asking four people at each of the four stations and you'll eventually track him back to a shady man at the NCR train station who will tell you the location of the man, whose hideout is nearby to the west.

When you confront your target, you have two options: kill him or spare his life. If you spare his life and have low charisma, Hammilton will know and send thugs to kill you, so watch out.

Note: You do not have to finish this quest to explore all four train stations, but you will explore them in order to complete the quest.

Sometimes NPCs are Busy
When you dialogue with NPCs, sometimes they are "busy". Wait for them to move and reset, and usually they will talk with you. If not, go talk to a different one if you can, and try the busy one later. Some quests require dialogue with multiple NPCs and there are often not many NPCs available, so it can seem bugged if they are "busy", but they will eventually talk with you.




This is one of the quests that allow all of the train stations to be highlighted on a character's map. Others include: