Gun Runners Caravan Package

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At Gunrunners in Boneyard, talk with Marshal to get this quest. He'll give you a temporary location on your map just east of Boneyard where mutants have a hideout. You should expect a tough fight.

NOTES: This quest can be done in either Turn-Based or Real-Time mode, and this is determined by what mode the quest-taker is in at the time he gets the quest from Marshal. Also, the quest-taker can die during this quest and yet still see the map location as long as he dies inside the cave, but not outside. If the quest-taker dies outside the cave, he won't be able to return to the quest location.

Two Super Mutants are at the top left of the map, one with a Light Support Weapon, the other with a Minigun. As long as the quest-taker does not die outside of the cave, he will be able to leave and return and thus bring some buddies to aid in clearing the place out. Inside the cave will be mutants armed with flamers, powerfists, miniguns, and some laser rifles. At least one mutant uses a Rocket Launcher and there is a boss mutant with high Hit Points and an Avenger Minigun.


  • Quest-taker must be at least Level 15
  • This quest is available to a solo character, even without a party.
  • To open the locked doors and access the locked containers, some decent Lockpick Skill, maybe 100.


Note: The quest case is locked and also rigged with multiple explosives. If you try to open it without disabling the traps first, you'll trigger the explosives, which can destroy the precious blueprints inside. Use high Traps skill several times on the case before you open it - you`ll receive info about explosives being unarmed, then you can safely use Lockpick.


  • Complete the quest as intended by giving the Metal Case to Marshal. Then get reward items (from Ralph).
  • Or trade the case to BoS for a Minigun blueprint (and Plasma Pistol plans. You need to talk to the Men in Metal armor in front of the Brotherhood safehouse in NRC).
  • Keep the case and open it after disarming its traps to get the blueprints inside. This goes outside the terms of your quest agreement and the Gun Runners won't accept the opened blueprints.
  • This quest is repeatable after a random 6-9 hours after you get reward from Ralph.
  • Give the Metal Case to the Raiders faction to get some alternate items (drugs? Needs confirmation).


  • If concluded as intended, this quest is repeatable after a random 6-9 hours from the moment you choose a reward from Ralph.
  • Dying outside the cave might cause the location to disappear from the quest-taker's worldmap (Rumor not proven)
  • Losing the Metal Case (or trading it to an alternate party) will keep the quest in an uncompleted state until another package is given to the Gun Runners. Talking to the Gun Runners will still lower reputation but the quest will not end.
If you do not have anyone with high Lockpick, then bring some Dynamite. Explosives can be used to blast open the locked doors in this quest. Even with inferior Lockpick skill, multiple attempts with Expanded Lockpicks might open the lockers if you're patient enough. If you do have a way to open a locked door, either with Lockpick or explosives, then you can get behind the two guards outside. To do this, move to the far right when you first enter the location, and use the hidden entrance behind the trees to enter the cave. Beat the two mutants just inside (they only have Power Fists), and get that door open. Recharge your Action Points and run straight left to beat the laser rifle mutant and his flame-throwing partner. Now you can exit the cave via the main entrance and get a slight advantage over the two guards outside as you'll come up from behind them. This strategy can work well solo if you are tough and patient enough.