Kill the Basement Rats

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Kill the Basement Rats
Nmbsnpaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location Cathedral
Requirements Level 4
Completion Kill all hostiles under the church
XP 1500
Caps 0
Reward Your choice of various items
Increased reputation
Some misc items
Repeatable No
Notes Can only be done solo. The boss rats are deadly.

Name of quest in Pip-Boy: Explore the Cathedral Cellar

Talk with Patrick inside the Cathedral temple to get this quest. Kill all the rats and other hostiles inside then loot the place. Once done inside, go back to Patrick to complete the quest. (It is not known if the rare temple Key can be used anywhere.)

NOTE: This is a solo quest, so you cannot bring friends along. Once you finish it, you can't go back in the basement, so be sure you have searched it well.

There are three basement levels counting the cave level at the bottom where the source of the problem lies, so keep looking if you don't see the way down each time. Watch out for tougher rats! These are Brain Varmin and they can kill you faster than you think. You do not have to kill the "crazy monk" on the bottom level to complete this quest - only the plants. Be sure to check the container down there.


  • Level 4


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