Medical Investigation

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Medical Investigation
Nmdoccaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
"Doc" Andrew
Location Vault City
Requirements Minimum CH 3
Completion Talk with Andrew after relevant dialogue with 4 people at each of the 4 train stations.
XP 3750
Caps 300
Reward Access to train stations
Repeatable No

In Vault City, talk to "Doc" Andrew, the doctor in the outer courtyard near the bar. He will tell you he is worried about the health of people near the railroad. You will have to investigate for him. Visit each of the four stations and question four people at each one, then go back to talk to "Doc" Andrew to get your reward. You will get 100 xp for each station investigated, plus additional xp as well as items when the investigation is complete.


  • At least 3 train tickets or 300 caps to buy them.
  • At least 3 Charisma to talk to "Doc" Andrew, but once you get this quest you can reestablish dialogue with him even with Charisma 1. So if you use Mentats or beer to get Charisma 3 to get the quest, you won't have to use more drugs later to complete it.
Sometimes NPCs are Busy
When you dialogue with NPCs, sometimes they are "busy". Wait for them to move and reset, and usually they will talk with you. If not, go talk to a different one if you can, and try the busy one later. Some quests require dialogue with multiple NPCs and there are often not many NPCs available, so it can seem bugged if they are "busy", but they will eventually talk with you.


  • 500 xp for each station investigated (total of 4 stations).
  • 1750 xp after the whole investigation is done + 300 caps (with less than 3 Charisma)

[Next has to be checked. Is that with more than 3 Charisma?]

  • 500 xp after the whole investigation is done and 300 caps and 5 stimpaks


This is one of the quests that allow all of the train stations to be highlighted on a character's map. Others include: