Scavenge for Lorraine

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Lorraine the Scavenger's Gun is falling apart and she needs you to find parts to make a new gun. This is a new quest and pretty much a tutorial on how to harvest and craft.

She is located right in front of Jargo's place, a young women with green hair. Once you have all the stuff, you go into Jargo's and use his workbench and craft 2 10mm Pistols. Then she will offer to trade ammo for one of the pistols. (Note: Her dialogue may not be totally up-to-date since Season 6 began.)

(Season 5) Need to find:

(Season 6) Need to find:

Note: This quest does not show in Pip-Boy.
Note: This quest seems a little buggy. Lorraine checks whether you have in your inventory 2 Pieces of Wood and 6 pieces of Junk, then she sends you to workbench when you obviously can`t craft 10mm`s with those things. What you need to do is first: 1) Start talking to her about her gun(Ask her about Jargo and his little gun for 50 more experience) 2)Bring to her 2 pieces of Wood and 6 pieces of junk. 3)Bring to her 2 10mm Pistols to finalize the quest. Lot of work for 250 experience and 50 10mm jhp ammo - but hey treat it as a challenge.