Starting Location

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The starting location near the Hub

Starting location is place where newly created player characters start the game.

Note: At this time, all new characters start their journey near Hub.

You start with a few items already in your inventory, like Rubber Boots or Gamma Gulp Beer, but don't expect to start with much. Exit the tent and find J.D. the Caravan Driver on the surface, as well as Kris who is guarding the waterhole. You can pick up a Water Bag from the ground. Once you leave your starting location, there is no going back, so make sure to pick up every item that you can find there.

List of Starting Locations

  • Near the Hub
    • Status: Active. This is the only active starting location at this time.
    • Zone: 30:40
    • Quest: Far Go Scout
    • Note: You can get your first water bag and 50 experience points by talking to the NPC standing near the pool of water.