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These perks are special properties inherent to certain kinds of armors.
Armors can have maximum of 7 perks of which 6 can be gained by leveling them by killing NPCs or using upgrade parts.
Most of tier 3 armors have predefined first 3 perks. Other armors have random ones.
4th perk you can chose by dialog which opens when you reach it unless you got it by using upgrade parts then you receive random one.
5th perk is chosen randomly from perk list.
6th perk is much more powerful, it is chosen randomly from legendary list.
Additional perk can be installed by talking to Roger.

Experience Table

of Perk
Exp required
1st 15.000
2nd 125.000
3rd 200.000
4th 1.250.000
5th 6.000.000
6th 50.000.000

Regular Armor Perks

Advanced Plate +6 Normal DT YES
Anty-Termal System +7% Plasma and Fire DR YES
Bonus Move +5% more run speed YES
Cured +9% Normal DR YES
Defense Enhancement +3% ALL DR YES
Defensive Belt +2% Damage Reduction YES
Explosive belt Ability to use suicide NO
Fill The Gaps -20% to attacker crit chance YES
Firegeckon's Enhancement +6 Fire and Explode DT YES
Gain SPECIAL 2 points to one of SPECIAL YES
Heavy -20% to attacker crit roll YES
Heavy Stonewall Reduces attacker ST by 10 in heavy handed roll. Stonewall protect now from knockback from knockback perk, formula: 15% + 5% protection for each ST points, all perks like soldier, bounty hunter, cyborgs 3rd implants work on this roll YES
Integrated Gloves +10 Melee Damage YES
Iron Skin +30 HP YES
Laser Reflector +9% Laser DR YES
Lethal Protection Reduces flat damage by 75% YES
Mirror System +7 Laser DT YES
Regeneration +15 Healing Rate YES
Shock Protection +7% Explode and Electric DR YES
Sneaky +50 Sneak YES
Special Force Bonus +2 ALL DT YES
Speed Mechanism +1 action point YES
Strategic Improvement +30 to AC, +20 AC cap and +5 Sequence YES
Survivalist Grants Immune to poison YES
Terminator Mode Ability to use terminator mode NO
Tesla Addition +6 Plasma and Electric DT YES
Tesla Attacker Ability to use discharge NO
Utility +50 CW, +30% rad resist, +30% poison resist, -1 reload AP cost YES

Legendary Armor Perks

Gifted 2 to all SPECIAL
Advanced Defence 10% all DR
Super Regen 30 healing rate, -4 seconds regen time
Powered +15 all DT
Anty-Crit -30 to attacker's crit chance, -60 to attacker's crit roll

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