.223 Pistol

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.223 Pistol
A .223 rifle modified and cut down to a pistol. This is a one-of-a-kind firearm, obviously made with love and skill.
Damage 38 - 48
Single AP: 4, Range: 30
Damage type Normal
Ammo 223fmj.gif and .223 AP
Ammo capacity 5
Strength required 5
Type Single-handed
Weight 2267 grams
Base price 2230 currency
Perk 1 Bonus Attack Speed
Perk 2 Bonus Attack Speed
Perk 3 Bonus Critical Power

Crafting table
Quantity = 1
Requirements 125% Crafting


Resources 1 x Hrifle.gif
3 x Pump2.gif
1 x Alloys2.gif
2 x Metal trash.gif
Tools Adv workbench.png
XP 250

.223 Pistol is generally regarded as the best craftable one-handed small gun in the game due to its unusually high range, base damage and the .223 FMJ ammunition it uses. Its magazine can hold up to five bullets.This weapon is PvP viable.

The weapon can be crafted, purchased from NPC traders that specialize in small guns or looted from dead Vault City patrolmen.