Assault Rifle

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Assault Rifle
An AK-112 5mm Assault Rifle. An old military model, out of use around the time of the war. Can fire single-shot or burst, using the high velocity 5mm rounds.
Damage 20 - 31
Burst AP: 5, Range: 36, Rounds: 5, DMG:20-31
Burst AP: 6, Range: 18, Rounds: 30, DMG: 4-31
Damage type Normal
Ammo 5mm JHP and 5mm AP
Ammo capacity 30
Strength required 5
Type Two-handed
Weight 3628 grams
Base price 500 currency
Perk 1 Damage per Bullet
Perk 2 Scoped
Perk 3 Destroyer

Crafting table
Quantity = 1
Requirements 75% Crafting
Level 24
Resources 1 x Firewood.gif
5 x Alloys.gif
Tools Adv workbench.png
XP 0

AK-112 Assault rifle is a good choice for marksmen and bursters (PVE).

Advantages and disadvantages

Assault rifle has big magazine that can hold 30 rounds 5mm ammo. 5mm comes in two flavours: 5mm JHP or 5mm AP.
AK-112 has good range - 45 hex and damage. Assault rifle can burst for 5 AP sending 5 bullets at your target, or 6 AP sending 30 bullets. You can burst up to 6 times until you empty magazine.
The Assault Rifle can no longer single fire, opting for two different burst modes. For single target shots, see small guns such as hunting rifle and sniper rifle.


This weapon is in wide use over the wasteland. This makes obtaining this weapon from NPCs pretty easy.
The Assault Rifle can be found in the following encounters:

  • Vault City Caravan
  • Gecko Caravan
  • Unity Patrol
  • Hub Patrol

This weapon is also used by Robobrains in the Glow, and is used by ghouls in Gecko's reactor.


An upgraded variant of the Assult rifle exists, Assault Rifle (Exp. Mag.) , which does not use the base rifle as a crafting component.