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A Flambe 450 model flamethrower, varmiter variation. Fires a short spray of extremely hot, flamable liquid. Requires specialized fuel to work properly. This model has been modified to fire a hotter mixture which causes greater combustibility.
Damage 100 - 135
Burst AP: 6, Range: 10
Damage type Fire
Ammo Tank.gif Flamethrower Fuel
Flmfuel2.gif Flamethrower Fuel MKII
Ammo capacity 5
Attack speed 800
Strength required 7
Type Two-handed
Weight 8618 grams
Base price 5200

Number of Perk Name Exp cost
1st Bonus Damage 10000
2nd Fast Trigger 75000
3rd Slayer 150000
4th Player Choose from list 1000000
5th Random from list 5000000
6th Random from legendary list 50000000
Crafting table
Iflameth.gif x 1
Requirements Crafting: 125%
Resources 1 x Flamethr.gif Flamer
1 x Nozzle.gif Improved Heaterchamber
Tools Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
T4 machinery.png
T4 Machinery
XP 200


Actually, it's just upgraded version of normal Flamer but includes the Flameboy weapon perk. It deals significantly more damage than its first version, but still has a small chamber for fuel. It's incredibly cheap and easy to make and get ammo. This weapon can be useful mainly for hunting ghouls, because it can one-hit them easily.This weapon is PvP viable.


  • Can be found in Vault Tec Cases
  • Can be found in Dungeons lockers
  • By craft

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