Scoped Hunting Rifle

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Scoped Hunting Rifle
Nothing's better than seeing that surprised look on your target's face. The Loophole x20 Scope on this hunting rifle makes it easier than ever before. Accurate from first shot to last, no matter what kind of game you're gunning for.
Damage 15 - 22
Single AP: 5, Range: 42
Damage type Normal
Ammo 223fmj.gif .223 FMJ
Ammo capacity 5
Attack speed 1000
Strength required 5
Type Two-handed
Weight 4989 grams
Base price 240

Number of Perk Name Exp cost
1st Destroyer 10000
2nd Long Range 75000
3rd Bonus Damage 150000
4th Player Choose from list 1000000
5th Random from list 5000000
6th Random from legendary list 50000000
Crafting table
Hrifle2.gif x 1
Requirements Crafting: 75%
Resources 1 x Hrifle.gif Hunting Rifle and
1 x Optics.gif Scope
Tools Sttable.gif Workbench
Adv workbench.png Advanced Workbench
XP 105

"Scoped Hunting Rifle" has the scoped perk making this weapon a perfect long range shooter for people without the more powerful Sniper Rifle, however it has only a %5 chance to hit enemies closer than 7 hexes and should definitely be used with teammates or in combination with another close-range weapon.